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January 22, 2014

This site has all the tools I would need to write a successful screen play. I feel that this site is great because it talks about everything involving film making.
I’m using this site because it has great step by step tutorials that will help bring my special effects to life and make my film red carpet worthy.
This site gives step by step and instructions and even suggestions from experienced film makers even camera tips so I can use this in reference to the screenwriting site I chose.
In my film I will be using a lot of lighting elements and this site has tutorials that can help bring my film to LIGHT.
This site is a name generating site. I think this is very helpful for someone who is making up names that may also be from a different country.
I wanted to use this site because it has some video examples of special FX and I thought I could use it as a reference to see how certain things are done.
I plan on using this site because I am on a budget and they put up helpful tips to get around costly expenses.
I wanted to use this site as another reference to the do’s and don’ts to film making.
This will be used as a reference again to see character actions and placements.
Watch Video | Sound of Vision: Short Films | POV | PBS
I will use this to help me with my story development and timeline.
Short Film Tutorial #1: Developing Your Story | The Vine


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